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The Decision


If you are contemplating divorce, donít let your emotions dominate the decision making process. The reasons in favor of divorce tend to be heavily supported by strong emotions such as anger, resentment, and pain. A reasoned analysis needs to take place. Emotions are not to be ignored; part of a reasoned analysis would include an assessment of your current and future emotional wellbeing.


The resources are marriage friendly sources to help you examine the hard facts about divorce and choose a course of action with a thorough knowledge of the potential snares and adverse consequences.


The goal here is not to talk you into staying in your marriage no matter what; the goal is to make sure you have made a realistic assessment of your circumstances and of all potential outcomes.




Note Well:  A judge I worked with used to say that "No one should ever be someone else's punching bag."  If you are a victim of physical abuse, here is a web site you may find helpful - Help For The Abused and Battered.  




The Case Against Divorce, authored by psychologist Diane Medved, was published in 1989 and is still available in paperback. My experiences with therapists and lawyers who specialize in family law matters are more positive than those described by Ms. Medved in this book. Some of the cultural references are dated. This is not a gentle book but it is a meritorious one. If you are contemplating divorce, why not closely examine the case against divorce.

Separation and Divorce
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